Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roarke New York

Typically, jewelry is just not my thing. It's either a silver or gold day for me and even those pieces are generally very small and delicate. I tend to blame this on my mother, she has never worn much either, only those that are most meaningful.

I've always encouraged her to wear more and more jewelry.."see, three bangles looks better than one, I don't know why you don't wear your mother's gorgeous humongous cocktail ring, and even...yes, you can pair a gold necklace with brushed silver," yadda, yadda, yadda. Clearly, I should heed my own advice!

A couple of weeks ago I was scanning through pictures of New York Fashion week on Zimbio (want to be sure to start giving proper photo credits-oops) and saw Mary Louise Parker wearing this amazing necklace. Like I said, it's not everyday that I stop and stare at jewelry so excitedly. So I did some research and the necklace is from Roarke New York, a fairly new company that my amateur fashion eye believes has staying power. Their exquisite collection of beaded chiffon necklaces, bracelets, headpieces, and ties are sure to turn heads (like mine.) And their website is pretty cool too, be sure to find the color wheel of necklaces, ahhhh....it makes me happy.

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