Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Recently, my boyfriend asked me to help out with some basic sketches for tshirts he wanted to print for an internet startup company he's working on, Mailgun.  I'll let you follow the link to get a little more color on what they do, (mainly because I don't speak tech talk) but definitely worth checking out.  They're doing some very cool things right now and it's been super exciting to watch how a small idea can quickly grow into a full blown, capital raising company.  Here are the sketches, and KTW modeling the final product.  Since gun is within the name of the company, we ran with it and I drew "famous movie guns."  See if you can name the movie!

"Blaster Pistol"
 "Gatling Gun"
 "Pulse Rifle"
 "Noisy Cricket"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mrs. Dooley

For the second night of Katy's bachelorette, we went to Cantina for dinner and tried to continue the Mexican theme with a bridal sombrero.  She was a trooper and wore it for at least 75% of the night.  An Atlanta friend found the sombrero at a party store so I didn't have to wear it on the plane from NYC.  And I brought down some things to decorate it with.  I made the sign below by using some scraps of construction paper I had lying around and a small piece of cardboard to back it.  We also affixed Ring Pops for the bride to give away throughout the night to whoever she thought deserved one.

Making the sign: I wrote out what I wanted the sign to say and then taped a ton of cut up orange and yellow pieces of construction paper to the back.
 Sorry, couldn't get this picture to rotate, the sign says "Soon to be...Mrs. Dooley."
 Emily modeled the hat for us before giving it to the bride. 
Here it is from the side with the Ring Pops around the edges.
 And from the back.  We attached a veil as well.
 And finally, the happy bachelorette!
 *Perhaps I should note that unfortunately the sombrero did not find it's way home that night. 
But we will certainly remember it fondly :)

Using Streamers

Last weekend was the second bachelorette weekend in March down in Atlanta.  I had some leftover streamers from my Pancake Party and put them to use on Katy's lingerie shower gift.  Note: this did not travel well since streamers are very easy to tear.  If you'd like to try this, I recommend lots of tape to keep the streamers secured down.
With my box wrapped, I taped one end of the blue streamer down
and started randomly wrapping around the gift.
 And then repeated with the turquoise.
 I ripped up some of the remaining streamers and crunched them in my fist.  Then I taped their ends together and to the box.  And ta da!  A fun festive gift for one of my favorite brides!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paper Pastries

Weeks ago, I entered a blog giveaway over at Paper Pastries and won!  A few days later, my package arrived.  Thanks Margaret!

The package listed the following contents:

Scientific Study Stationary Set
4 handmade envelopes
4 coordinating gray flat cards
1 le pen

Here are a few other adorable items from her shop.

Polka Dot tape, great for dressing up presents.
Chef's Pencils.

These stamps are customizeable.  You can color in the state where you're sending from. 
Sort of a DIY postcard.
All here.  Go check her out!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost There...

This weekend definitely felt like spring in NYC.  And although today has been another cold one, I know it's just around the corner, I'm sure of it!  The natural light and sweet flowers at Wilfie and Nell this weekend convinced me even further.  We're almost there!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pancake Party Results

I've had a hard time justifying writing a post that's purely party-focused considering all the turmoil and despair that we've all now seen occurring in Japan.  Something just didn't seem right about it, sharing with you a small personal triumph when so many others are hurting.  But alas, I know my readers come here not to be further saddened, but to check out exactly what are "A Few of My Favorite Things."  So anyway, I hope we all do what we can to find a way to support those that have been affected by the earthquake and tsunamis,  The Red Cross has really easy ways to help if you're interested.

Now, the pancake party!  This was a little difficult to pull off.  Hosting a pancake breakfast for nine girls in a space I've never seen, in a kitchen I didn't know would be equipped or not, etc.  It was a challenge I was ready for.  I did as much prep as I could before flying down to Florida.  I painted smooth rocks silver and wrote our menu on them as a nod to Emily's engagement site, the Chicago bean sculpture.  I bought small blue starfish and assembled blue and turquoise streamers in keeping with the fact that we were at the beach.    I bought silver edged plates and napkins with a pretty blue pattern.  The menu was blueberry pancakes and plain, maple syrup and fresh made blueberry syrup, sliced bananas, crispy bacon, coffee, and mimosas.  And I didn't pull it off all on my own.  Katelyn was a pro bacon cooker and Katy was my bartender.  Here are some pictures from the party.

Mashing the blueberries.

Finished product.  Yummy and the most beautiful purple-y color.

Blueberry Pancakes.

The scene, I would've liked a few more of those streamers to cover the front 
but you work with what ya got.

Streamers up close.

The spread, it was gone fast.

Party-goer Katy dressed for the blue party :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Party Time!!!

This weekend marks the beginning of a very special time in my life, and my best friends'.  Two of my favorites girls are getting married, one in April and one in June.  Tonight, I'll fly down to Florida to be with them for the first bachelorette party, to be followed only two weeks later by the second bachelorette party, and then another two weeks later, the first wedding.  I see lots and lots of cocktails in my future!

In addition to all of the celebrating, I can't help but recognize what this means for all of us.  The bachelorette weekends are much more than just throwing back a few bottles of champagne and embarrassing the bride-to-be.  It is a time to pay homage to the days of being silly single girls, (although if I know my friends, we have lots more silly ahead thank God.)

The showers, wedding, and reception are all events to recognize the union that the couple is entering.  But the bachelorette party is a time to celebrate how far we've come as women.  For the first 20-ish years we are single, independent, figuring out ourselves and becoming the person we are meant to be.  This weekend we get to celebrate our friend, who she is, the kind of friend she has been to us, and the special, wonderful person that this dude is going to get for the rest of his life in just a few short weeks.  We love you Emily and cannot wait to celebrate your last single days with you and send you off in style to Mr. Levi!

As I've mentioned before, I'm cooking breakfast for everyone tomorrow and I even have a few DIY projects I'm taking down to decorate for our feast.  Here are some shots below, will be sure to upload images of the final product as well.

Emily got engaged next to the bean sculpture in Chicago,
I painted these smooth rocks silver to resemble the bean.

Then I wrote out our menu on them.

Magenta toes!  I'm going with a blue and silver theme.  I cut lots and lots of fringed streamers.  Since I haven't seen the penthouse we're staying in, I'll have to figure out where to put them tomorrow morning.  But I love them, they remind me of jellyfish, perfect since we'll be at the beach!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for being patient while I got sappy up above. 
I'll try to keep it in check from now on :)