Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Table

Even though I didn't arrive at the beach until Thanksgiving morning, I was thrilled to help create the table setting for that afternoon.  I planned many DIY projects that I brought down from NYC, but ultimately relied on my mom's gorgeous garden to provide for the table.  The moment I stepped off the plane and felt the 70 degree weather, I knew we had to enjoy our meal poolside.  I kept it pretty simple, a single hydrangea bloom, a few candles wrapped in burlap, and a new favorite, kumquats!  The one DIY project I did end up using were the placecards.  I did a miniature sketch of my mom, dad, sister, and myself and tucked them into each person's napkin and tied off with a blue and white string.  The look was relaxed and very "us."

Picture Overload from Thanksgiving

Some pics from my four day Thanksgiving in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

My mom's latest painting, LOVE!

First Bloody Mary of the trip, yum.

Beach dog.

Fish says Santa Rosa Beach.  What a cute "shed."

Abundant arbor in the front.

Mom cooked everything herself since sister and I arrived Thanksgiving morning.  She wowed!

Lots of good stuff...

...with good people.

Prepared for the Iron Bowl.

The Naked Grape, cute wine bar in Santa Rosa.

Self-service wine on tap.

Airstream food trucks in Seaside.

The cutest post office in Florida.

Our cottage in the evening.

Preparing for mom's art show.

Watercolor getting ready for Christmas.

Watercolor Christmas fair.

Complete with fake snow.

Mom's booth.

S'mores for the kids...was tough to get a pic of but so fun.

Love these potted succulents at mom's.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stay Thankful

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family down at the beach this year.  Lots of food, drinks, and laughs dominated the trip.  I'll post more pictures this week, including the Thanksgiving table that I designed.  On our flight back to NYC last night, this was the view.  Moments like this are hard to forget and remind me to stay thankful long after the holidays have come and gone.  I hope your's was just as fun and memorable.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Signing Off!

I know this is technically a picture from a Christmas meal but I can't wait to start my
marathon of Christmas Vacation watching from now until New Years.

So I guess this is the post to say what I'm thankful for.  I couldn't be more happy to do it.  Here's the list, in no particular order.
  1. My health.  After a scary bout with pneumonia in September, 5 days in the hospital, and lots of blueberry yogurt, I realized how much I have taken this for granted.
  2. Family.  I'm lucky to have a great relationship with mine that changes, grows and improves as I get older.
  3. Friends.  Two of my best friends got engaged this year.  It's so wonderful to be a part of this special time in their lives.
  4. KTW.  He loves me despite my faults and the feeling is mutual.  Oh, and he's super handsome too :)
  5. Blogging.  What a great escape and release of creative energy!  Those of you that keep coming back I'm particularly thankful for too.
  6. Turkey.  Duh.
  7. My fish Squirrel who got a new tank of fresh water last night and is swimming ever so fast today.
Thanks again for all those who follow this blog!  I was asked to prepare the Thanksgiving table this year and have been working on a few crafty details this week to use.  I look forward to sharing some pics when I get back in town next week.  Until then, hope you don't run into this guy over the holidays....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Packing Pessimist

This Thanksgiving, my sister and I are headed down to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  Although, I'm super excited to be with family at the beach for a few days, eat good food, cheer on my Auburn Tigers Friday, and dominate in many games of A**hole, Bullsh*t, and Gin (we're a conservative group, can't you tell?), I have a growing anxiety that must be confronted. 

You're hearing it here first, I suffer from Packing Anxiety...

I pride myself on organization and planning.  Truth be told, I've been looking up New Year's Eve menus for months now trying to decide exactly what I'll want to eat 39 days from now.  You would think packing a suitcase wouldn't freak me out this much.  But for some reason, when it comes down to it, I procrastinate, pack three sweaters, then watch an episode of Real Housewives while contemplating the next object to pack.  This sort of non-plan plan takes hours for me to finish.  And inevitably, I will be unprepared for the elements.  Having a flight that leaves at 6am doesn't help either.  Usually, I end up packing everything a few items the morning of.  This time, I have no such luxury.

I hope this is not something you suffer from.  If it is, perhaps you could give me a few helpful tips on how to get over this ridiculous fear?  Thanks much!

Scenes from A Soho Shopping Sunday

Didn't get quite as many pics this Sunday, was too busy adding items to my Christmas list!  But here are a few from the afternoon.

Before heading down to Soho, one of my favorite homes on East 85th St. Still blooming flowers!

The art scene on West Broadway.  Although chilly, the sun was out
so being outdoors was bearable and refreshing.

I spy Confetti System in J. Crew.  Love these bright, colorful, and shiny pom poms.  Their paper pinatas can also be seen on the left and right side of the photo.  Hope to use these for a special event soon!

Miniature star shaped sparklers.  These would be great for topping a sweet treat on New Years Eve. 
Found at Kate's.
 Also at Kate's, Fuzzy Wuzzy Pencils, cute stocking stuffer!
Hope you all had a nice weekend too!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Loving Bunting

Sweet, old-fashioned bunting keeps popping up all over the blogs I follow.  I love this look for it's simplicity and I plan to use it for an upcoming project (pics to follow next week of that.)

Mixed with a few strings of lights, I bet this looked so neat at night.

Cottage Charm

Cakes get an extra festive touch.
You could do this with that pumpkin pie next week!

Love all the different patterns, shapes, and colors.
Bunting is a great way to dress up a barn party, not too fussy.

Dogs love bunting too.

A bunting covered schoolbus?  Yes please.

This is the look I'm going for with next week's project.  We'll see how close I get...

The arrow look of this bunting keeps your eye moving to all of their fun found objects.
Bunting on a boatload of beer.  Gotta love this idea.

All images can be found on Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled, Once Wed, and Style Me Pretty.