Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet my new fish, "Squirrel"

She's a bit camera shy and doesn't say much.  But we're warming up to each other. 
Her pretty purple coloring didn't come out too well in this pic but she truly is a very pretty girl.
Welcome to NYC Squirrel!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Regret Not

I did feel incredibly inspired by the new Eat, Pray, Love film.  However, weeks later, I'm still thinking about the journey Elizabeth Gilbert takes through Italy, India, and Bali and I can't wipe away a little feeling of regret for having never travelled by myself.  Granted, I am not a best-selling author, and can hardly afford a cab from Midtown to the Upper East Side some months.  Much less, a year long "finding myself" trip around the world.  I'm also only 26 years old and certainly have plenty of time to travel.   And finally, being too scared to fall asleep alone without the sound of the TV could make boarding a plane alone to DPS (Bali's airport,) a little challenging. 

But ultimately I don't think these things should stop me.  As the saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way.  So, taking a little more inspiration from another favorite film, Up,

I present to you my plan to erase the regret one coin at a time and finally travel alone!
I wonder how many coins to Bali...

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Is my blog's 1st birthday!  I'm honestly amazed I've been able to keep it going this long.  Your funny and thoughtful comments, gaining followers, and friends and family's generous compliments are all humbling and thrilling benefits of this experience.  In this year, I've shared with you many wonderful moments in my life and I hope to continue to do so.  This blogger's not going anywhere soon!  Thank you for continuing to stick with me when a certain post may have failed to impress, or I disappeared for a few days.  I'm definitely not taking home the blogger of the year award, but I'm so thankful that you've continued to follow me, more exciting things to come!

Here of some images of my studio apartment, where I have written most of the posts you've read.  And even though it's teeny tiny, it's one of my favorite places in this city!

My yummy breakfast from Two Little Red Hens, 
triple berry muffin and iced latte with soy milk.

My bedside table with my current reads and some favorite old issues of Architectural Digest.  The screen is my grandmother's, I'm so lucky to have many of her items.

I sooo should have made my bed :( but this gives you an idea of the size.

My window is large and in charge.  
I kept the decoration minimal here in order to appreciate the view and natural light better.

Finally got that bed made, please dismiss the lumps.  The quilt is my mother's.  
Followed by a leaning tower of blankets (and a pink Snuggie.)

My artist's studio/fireplace=must make use of every nook and cranny in a small space.

I like blue and shells and starfish.

For my 26th birthday, my friend Amanda bought me alphabet letters for my fridge 
(get it? 26 letters in the alphabet, my friends rock, as does my fridge now.)

After the flood in Nashville earlier this year, 
they sold these posters to raise funds, I love my hometown.

My apartment is not perfect.  It has many imperfections that frustrate me, cracked paint, a freezer that has to be defrosted wayyy too much, little to no closet space, I could go on.  But as a whole it makes me happy.  Obviously there are things that I'd like to change, update, and tweak.  But it is comfortable, cozy and reflects me well.  It actually embodies how I, myself feel daily.  Imperfect, but getting more and more used to those imperfections.
In fact, embracing them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebrating and Dreaming

I went with a few girls to brunch at Schiller's on Sunday to celebrate my transition back to solid foods.  The tasty food, refreshing drinks, beautiful company, and delightful conversation all contributed to a perfect Sunday Funday.  The food was so pretty, I insisted on documenting.  What do you say girls?  Next week, same time, same place?

Assorted Refreshments

Croque Madame

Sour Cream Waffles


Hester Street Fair

This past Saturday, I took a quick trip down to the LES to check out the Hester Street Fair.  As street fairs go in NY, this one is relatively small but what's missing in size was certainly made up for with their quality of vendors, mainly, the food vendors.  Having just had wisdom tooth surgery, I was certainly at a disadvantage and hope to go back soon when I can sample some of the treats I was only able to get photos of this time.

Wrought iron entrance to the street fair.

Ping Pong tournament to win a bike.

Various spices and teas, this booth smelled incredible.

I loved the colors of the cayenne pepper and turmeric in the sun.

Check out that first flavor-that's right, Candied Bacon with Maple Cream Cheese filling, hmmm...I spoke to Simon, one of the friendly co-founders and he says that's Macaron Parlour's best seller. 
I assume it's a good mix of sweet and savory.

What a creative display platter, it made me want to try them all!

Other yummy food vendors at the fair:

A Visitor

This cute little girl has been occupying a good amount of time on my couch recently.  Her name is Nikki but I like to call her Foxy because she reminds me of a little white fox.  She belongs to my sister Brooke and we've had some good slumber parties lately, Nikki thinks she's one of the girls.  Last week, Heather Matarazzo petted her while we were on a walk and it didn't faze her one bit, definitely a New York City dog...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fotos

I've been saving these images up and today, I share them with you, enjoy!

Sparklers and macarons make everything better, especially at this fantastically cool French wedding, via.

A New England wedding with Palm Beach style.

Bright and cheery floral fabrics for ties with custom embroidery
Each guest could choose their own flower accessory
Clearly a botanical-loving couple

Can someone please tell me how they hung these chandeliers?!

Love the idea of using nesting dolls as a theme for a baby shower, so sweet.

I always wanted a tree house...but how about one in a field of lavender?
Can you imagine the fragrance when you wake up?

A Slice of Pretty

Lately, I've been craving a big slice of sugary cake.  Perhaps it's because there are no friend's upcoming birthdays in sight, perhaps it's because I've been drinking my meals this week, perhaps I just want a freaking piece of cake!

Sorry for the outburst, I'm just getting a little sick of applesauce and mashed potatoes...

Anyway, I've been drooling over these beautiful, creative cakes from Nine Cakes in Brooklyn for the past hour.  You won't tell anyone if I go to Brooklyn just for a slice of cake right?

OMG, this one would be perfect for a fall fete!

Yummy, yummy, yummy...

Clearly their cake decorators are tres talented!  However, I love their more simplistic and classic options too.

Perfect pastel prettiness

What a spread!

You're still here??? Go here now!
155 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(347) 907-9632

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