Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Boatload

Hoping to get to my Hump Day Hues out this afternoon but it's looking like I might have a little trouble making it happen.  I've got a lot on my plate today...

...and speaking of having a lot on my plate...

Wouldn't you just kill to fill up your plate from this boat of shrimp and oysters?  What a fun idea for a beachy or summertime event!

Image found at Raw Photo Design.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am absolutely, totally, and completely convinced...

...that this is my new favorite restaurant!

Now, first, I must admit, I have not dined, walked into, had a drink at, or even seen this restaurant.  But one look at these images and menu and I was SOLD!

Last fall KTW took me to his alma mater BC, for a football game and to see Boston.  While there we saw beautiful Boston College, I ate my first bowl of clam chowder from Union Oyster House, stayed at a fantastic hotel, and I even got to visit with an old high school friend who lives there now.  One thing on my list that we unfortunately did not have time for was Cambridge.  Which is fine by me, just means another trip to Boston right?!

Anyway, while looking through one of my favorite event blogs a few months back, I found a wedding reception at Upstairs on the Square, located in Harvard Square.  It blew me away, rooms awash in bright pink and gold.  High ceilings, mirrors everywhere, glam glam glam.  And then, I lost the link, aren't bloggers supposed to keep better track?  Well it seems the blogging gods are in my corner today because I found the post again and this time I wasn't going to lose it!  Here are some images to share what I've been drooling over for the past hour.  Won't you meet me and the zebra there for a cocktail this fall?

This is what I assume it looks like right now.  The outside is cute and charming but wait until we go inside...
One more shot of the outside, I'm guessing it does not look like this right now.
A custom menu for a special night.
Oh my, this room is called a colorful jewel box-like supper club on their website. 
I want to drink champagne and eat dessert there asap!
The zebra room, I'm sure you can guess why.
Lavender suede banquettes...I know...
Ready for a memorable night.
And if that's not enough to convince you, stop by Lisa Rigby's site
She's the photographer for the reception shots and you can see more here and here
She really does a great job of capturing this venue's character and the happiness of these parties.


For brunch on my birthday we went to Balthazar.  Typically I would call this place a bit of a tourist trap.  However, the food more than made up for it.  I'll narrate below.

20 Spring St.
New York, NY

Peach Bellini, iced coffee, bloody mary, and a bread basket that I'm still enjoying three days later...
Scrambled eggs in a puff pastry with asparagus and mushrooms.

Luke's Lobster

Friday night we trekked down to the East Village for lobster rolls from Luke's.  This tiny joint delivers some of the best fresh seafood I've had in NYC.  There's also one on the UES and I hear they deliver!

East Village
93 E. 7th St.
Upper East Side
242 E. 81st St.

Two lobster rolls, two sodas, and chips.  They even have crab claws, my favorite.
Katelyn tried the crab roll.
Look at those meaty lobster claws!

The moon pies are not from Luke's.  After we ate, we stopped by a friend's party for her roommate.  They are both from the south so moon pies, which hail from Chattanooga were appropriately the cake!

Barcibo Enoteca

One of my favorite go-to spots with guests from out of town is Barcibo Enoteca on the Upper West Side.  It is always busy, but yet they'll still find you a table, and always very very yummy.  This past weekend, my friend Katelyn was in town and I immediately thought of Barcibo.  We grabbed a seat at the bar and enjoyed a fantastic meal of lemon-y risotto with artichokes and sausage as well as the prosciutto, pesto, mozzarella, and tomato panini, yum!  For dessert, the tiramisu parfait was irresistible so we went for it and enjoyed every bite.  Please stop by, you wont regret one ounce of this meal!

2020 Broadway (at 69th St.)
New York, NY

Tiramisu Affogato

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Flowers (10)

This week's Friday Flowers comes upon the eve of a super exciting day for me, my birthday!  Yes, tomorrow, I'll be celebrating my birthday first at brunch in the morning and then later at a very fun and very NY rooftop bar.  I couldn't be more happy and have been anticipating this all week.  However, I've (not so unusually) found myself somewhat emotional over the whole thing.  Not in a everybody feel sorry for me, I'm getting so old kind of emotional (although I realize this birthday marks my entrance into my late 20s.)  This is more of a happy to be alive, to breathe the fresh air, to have the people in my life that I do kind of emotional.  I guess a better word would be thankful, I'm so thankful for the years I've had and so excited and thrilled to keep going. 

Anyway, the flower I've chosen for this Friday is the Magnolia.  There is nothing sweeter, nothing more delicate, and not much that's more "Southern" than this flower.  While searching through photos to share, my mind wandered to a movie that shares the same title and at the same time also shares some of the emotions I've been having this week.  For those of you who've seen it, I'm guessing you've seen it more than once like me and every time it comes on TBS, you stop and watch a little, it's just that kind of movie isn't it?  The women in the film have always represented to me the fantastic and everlasting bond that women have the ability to share.  Men, I know I've lost you here, move on to the pics if you wish.  The relationship between Shelby and M'Lynn is so poignant and real to me at this point in my life; a mother who wants the best for her daughter but sometimes has trouble letting go and allowing that to happen for her, and a daughter who wants to experience life no matter how difficult or scary but still desperately needs her mother's support.  In the past few years, my mother and I have struggled with similar issues.  I know we still have many years of this back and forth ahead of us, but today, there's nothing I want more than to thank her.  Thank her for all that she's done for me to make it to this point, thank her for accepting me and loving me when I know I'm the biggest brat in the world, and most of all thank her for giving me life!  I'm 26 mom, I've never been arrested (knock on wood), I have a job, wonderful friends, a boy who loves me, and I am very very happy, good job mom.  Now look at some magnolias okay?

Pink is her signature color.

Images: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day Hues (6)

whatever you call it, I like it and it's all here today for this Wednesday's dose of color!

Aren't these save the dates fantastic?  Their whole wedding was school-themed.  This color's compliment is certainly a bright shade of red/orange/or pink.

Turquoise is great for beachy weddings, it mimics the color of the ocean.

More invites utilizing the nice white/aqua contrast.

A cool color scheme works for this bouquet.

I'm guessing this cake tasted just as wonderful as it looks!

Easy to create aisle decor.

A carnival themed wedding gives the aqua/red scheme a try.

I love these pinwheel initials welcoming guests, so fun!

Turquoise cards indicate where to take your seat.

I want to go to this party!

Using turquoise glass for a more natural approach to an outdoor dinner party.  But just as lovely.

This Anthropologie shower curtain makes a perfect backdrop to tropical drinks.

A bright table runner picks up colors from the napkins.

A little more blue than turquoise but I couldn't resist sharing this gorgeous setting.

Sausalito Sweetness

Last week one of my favorite bloggers, Helena at A Diary of Lovely posted this adorable and well-designed home in Sausalito, CA.  When I was in college, I visited a friend who lived in Sausalito and instantly fell in love.  I loved the way the hillside looked with hundreds of interesting looking apartments and homes tucked in close together.  It really felt like a fun community and is on my top five for places I'd like to live someday.  If I did, this house would work just fine for me considering I'm used to the tiniest studio in Manhattan!  Check out the kitchen and all of the other images on Helena's fabulous blog here.

A cute front porch with bright red planters welcome guests. 
Right away you feel like this is a comfy, casual home to relax in.
Neutral floors, glass paned cabinets and light gray walls really keep the entrance light
and open and allow colors to really punch!  You also get a sneak peek of the plush bed in the next room.
Looking the other direction.  The curtains go all the way to the ceiling and make it appear higher.
Wow, this color reminds me of the ocean in Mexico.
Gravel and wooden steps meander down to a spot for outdoor entertaining.  I would use this space ALL THE TIME!  Wouldn't it look great lit up with white christmas lights?!