Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Time-Waster...

Designer Tracy Reese, she eats at Hale and Hearty, just like me!

The inner stalker/foodie in me just became completely fascinated with these celebrity and celebrity chef posts on Grub Street.  My favorites are hearing what designers like Catherine Malandrino and Jill Stuart eat in the days leading up to their shows.

A TreeHouse Grows in...the Village

One of the things most of my visitors ask when they come to stay with me in the city is, "how do people have kids here??"  I admit, when I first moved, I was equally shocked that families are actually able to sustain a "normal" life in NYC.  With more concrete than grass and a metrocard instead of car keys, the city does not appear "kid-friendly" to most.  However, over the past four years, I've come to understand what an amazing place this would be to have a family, so much to do, so much culture, etc.  Artist Melinda Hackett who lives and creates in Greenwich Village clearly felt the same way.  And even built something for her kids that I never had growing up in "kid-friendly" Nashville, an awesome tree house!  Read more.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Fave

After seeing this:

I started to see more,

and more,

ultimately leading up to this:

Perfect for my halloween costume which will soon be revealed!
All images can be found on JCrew, Kate Spade, Rent the Runway, ShopBop, and Vogue.

Monday, October 25, 2010

New York in the Fall

Lots of pink in Central Park for the Race for the Cure two weekends ago.

 Probably one of our last pretty days for brunch outside in the West Village.

Friday, October 22, 2010


After an amazingly yummy dinner of oysters, the freshest fish, and white wine last night at Atlantic Grill, our waitress came over to offer their featured dessert for October.  Right now, they are serving a raspberry creme brulee in honor of Breast Cancer awareness.  70% of the proceeds are donated to raising awareness for this very worthy cause.  Although I was completely stuffed, I was willing to do my part for charity...(very willing!)  The dessert was such a treat and was even topped off with a pink ribbon cookie. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lovely Links

Here are a few things I've been meaning to share with you:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's in a Name?

I could've corrected them I guess, but Loriisine sounds much better than Lauren.

A Good Tree

Now I know that blog title isn't extremely riveting but bear with me, I have had no pumpkin spice latte today and I'm fading fast...

Sunday was a perfect fall day in NYC.  After walking down Madison gawking at the gorgeous windows and new Ralph Lauren mega-store,  we headed across town through Central Park and ended up passing out enjoying the outdoors at this spot.  The most perfect tree I've seen in NYC, complete with low climbing branches and sweet families with strollers enjoying the shade it provides.  The tree requested to be featured on the blog today.  (Yikes, did I really just write that?  And did I really just post about a tree???  Yawn...  Get me to Starbucks ASAP!)


I will own a machine this perfect...

But for now, I'll gaze longingly out my bedroom window at it and try not to freak out the owner...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Junior High Bachelorette Slumber Party

Yesterday I stumbled across pictures on Facebook of an adorable and unique bachelorette party that I just couldn't get enough of.  Luckily, the talented photographer, creative director, and graphic designer for the event have graciously approved of me sharing it with you!  Thanks sweet Auburn girls and War Eagle!

Now, on to the main two of my own best friends' bachelorette parties approach, I think it's agreed among the bridesmaids that we'd all like to give our friends a less than traditional send off from their single days.  No boas, no crowns, no straws, cakes or drink cups in the shape of...well, you get my drift...

I love how these girls turned the standard bachelorette extravaganza into a sweet and fun, relaxed slumber party, just like when we were little.  Hosted at a friend's lake house, pajamas was the attire.  They made their own pizzas, played twister, and from the looks of it, nobody quit smiling the entire night.

I love the bright pink, yellow, and blue quilt as a tablecloth.  It matches all of the colorful confections!

Individual sets of s'mores packaged cute and easily with cellophane and twine.

Making their own pizzas.  This makes me want pizza for lunch...

Roy Rogers and Shirley Temples were served with colorful straws.

The bachelorette "throne".  Every bride to be deserves a special seat. 

By hanging a bright and cheery sheet, they created a great backdrop for pictures.

Let the games begin...

Spin the Bottle was less about kissing and more about telling.  They turned this into a trivia game about the groom and each girl had a chance to ask the bride a question.

A great way to end a fun night with your best friends.  S'mores by the lake.

All photos taken by the very talented Jessica Rawlings, check her site out here.
More from awesome creative director, Hannah Flora here.
Cute signs and all graphics created by LeighAnn Tufts.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tipsy Parson

Saturday afternoon we tried Tipsy Parson, a cute little restaurant in Chelsea I've been anxious to go to ever since I heard about their fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, glazed pork ribs with sorghum-mustard glaze, the list goes on...

Charmingly lumpy pumpkins (or are they gourds?) on the bar.

If you were in New York, you know what a beautiful fall weekend we had.  Time spent indoors felt like punishment.  Except for the hour we spent at Tipsy Parson devouring the treats below! Check it out if you're in their hood.

Fried green tomato with bibb lettuce and spicy buttermilk dressing and pancetta

Pulled pork sandwich with fried egg and potato chips

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Flowers (14)


Miike is Right

Things that are getting me through this morning:
  1. My grande soy pumpkin spice latte (thanks to Katy for the Sbux gift card.)
  2. My H&M poncho, yes that's right poncho.  I somehow convinced myself it was appropriate for work and it's wonderful, like wearing a blanket.
  3. The knowledge that a nap is coming my way at 6:30pm.
  4. Friday Flowers which will be posted shortly.
  5. My Snickers mini which I just found in my purse and I'm allowing myself to eat for breakfast.
  6. Eye drops.
  7. ADVIL.
All in the name of Miike Snow (not a typo.)  Twas awesome, one of the better shows I've seen this year.  This is when they first came on stage at Terminal 5 last night and the energy was through the roof.  Be sure to watch until the end, the lights were really cool too.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Egg in the Hole

Tonight is the perfect night for breakfast for dinner, see below....

Pioneer Woman's recipe for Egg in the Hole makes me happy and hungry

It tastes even better if you have a signed copy.  Okay, not really, now I'm just bragging...

Red wine-this will help you relax a little about the calories you're about to consume.
 See...a couple of tbsps of me, pour yourself another sip of that wine and you won't notice.

Cut holes in your bread and soak in the butter for a minute.

Since I used whole wheat lite bread which has thinner slices, the egg overflowed.  This is not necessarily a problem.  But I might try it with thick slices of sourdough or french next time to contain the egg a little better.  Also, if you're not a good egg cracker, i.e always end up fishing out the shell, crack each egg first in a separate bowl and then pour each into the hole in the bread.  Oh, and salt and pepper like there's no tomorrow.

Flip it yo!

Before I took them out of the skillet, I was extra bad and laid a slice of American cheese on top...
bad but oh so good...

 Ketchup was also added at some point.  Good decision.

Gonna do this again very soon, I encourage you to also!  Only 5 ingredients :)