Monday, November 21, 2011

Spex Club

Yo! I've been having super crazy problems with my contacts lately and decided I should wear my glasses more.  Problem is, my glasses are about three prescriptions old and crooked.  And so has begun my quest for a new pair.  I started with Spex Club (now known as Lookmatic,) mainly because they are cheap!  $88.00 covers prescription eyewear and shipping with lots of fun styles.  I also had a discount code from InStyle bringing the price down to $77.00!  You can virtually try on the glasses but ultimately, I'm going to end up taking advantage of their free returns.  First, specs to arrive were the "Jesse" style in tortoise-shell.  I sooooo wish I could pull these off.  However, I'm just not hipster enough to make it happen, baby steps...

So these are getting returned, on to the next the ones!

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Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

Which ones are you going to order next? I love the detailing in the corners - hopefully they have a pair very similar, just a bit smaller!

Your hair is already insanely long again! Didn't you JUST cut it?