Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Season for Giving

It's no joke that my blogging has slowed since moving to SF this summer.  I'm lucky if I get a blog post out once a month with my crazy new work schedule!  But when my best friend from highschool, Megan asked me to blog about a non-profit she started, I couldn't wait to login to Blogger and start writing out this very post.

I first learned of Tailored for Education while visiting Megan this summer in Boston.  She told me, a conversation with a friend at work turned into research which led to a realization that something needed to be done to help children in impoverished countries afford uniforms to attend school.  If they don't have uniforms, they're not able to enroll.  Having worn a uniform for most of her education, this struck a chord with Megan and so the process began to fund their first school in Haiti.  Once accomplished, the pair jumped through all of the legal hoops, filled out massive amounts of government paperwork, and created Tailored for Education.

I am beyond proud of my friend for having the passion and generosity to create a company that gives.  It doesn't take much to afford a child education in these countries, please consider donating if you're able, even $20.00 will make a difference in the lives of these children!


Usha said...

What a great initiative Lauren especially since I am planning a trip to Haiti in 2012!

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas - and if Santa hasn't been generous enough, I have awarded you with a Liebster Blog Award. Come drop by my blog and have a look-see!

Better yet, come back to the East Coast soon!

In Pursuit of Style said...

Its so great to use your blog as a venue to do good!

In Pursuit of Style