Monday, December 28, 2009

A Beachy Holiday

This year, instead of a trip home to Nashville for Christmas, I met my parents down in Santa Rosa Beach, FL where they've recently bought an adorable beach cottage. We layed around in pajamas, ate too much barbecue shrimp, shopped in nearby Seaside, and really enjoyed being together for a few days. My mom and I bond over art easily and tried to get in a few gallery visits as well. There are lots of talented emerging artists from that area of Florida and one is a close neighbor! His name is Justin Gaffrey and not only did we get to see some of his truly unique and cool paintings, but each day when driving by his house, we got to admire this beauty sitting in his driveway! It might be a little too kitschy for some, but it sure made us smile. Nothing says holiday cheer like a beat up old paint splattered truck with a Christmas tree attached to the hood. Merry Belated Christmas to my readers, I hope yours was as pleasant as mine.

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suzanne said...

what do you mean "pleasant"???? it was the ultimate!!!!!