Saturday, August 21, 2010


Is my blog's 1st birthday!  I'm honestly amazed I've been able to keep it going this long.  Your funny and thoughtful comments, gaining followers, and friends and family's generous compliments are all humbling and thrilling benefits of this experience.  In this year, I've shared with you many wonderful moments in my life and I hope to continue to do so.  This blogger's not going anywhere soon!  Thank you for continuing to stick with me when a certain post may have failed to impress, or I disappeared for a few days.  I'm definitely not taking home the blogger of the year award, but I'm so thankful that you've continued to follow me, more exciting things to come!

Here of some images of my studio apartment, where I have written most of the posts you've read.  And even though it's teeny tiny, it's one of my favorite places in this city!

My yummy breakfast from Two Little Red Hens, 
triple berry muffin and iced latte with soy milk.

My bedside table with my current reads and some favorite old issues of Architectural Digest.  The screen is my grandmother's, I'm so lucky to have many of her items.

I sooo should have made my bed :( but this gives you an idea of the size.

My window is large and in charge.  
I kept the decoration minimal here in order to appreciate the view and natural light better.

Finally got that bed made, please dismiss the lumps.  The quilt is my mother's.  
Followed by a leaning tower of blankets (and a pink Snuggie.)

My artist's studio/fireplace=must make use of every nook and cranny in a small space.

I like blue and shells and starfish.

For my 26th birthday, my friend Amanda bought me alphabet letters for my fridge 
(get it? 26 letters in the alphabet, my friends rock, as does my fridge now.)

After the flood in Nashville earlier this year, 
they sold these posters to raise funds, I love my hometown.

My apartment is not perfect.  It has many imperfections that frustrate me, cracked paint, a freezer that has to be defrosted wayyy too much, little to no closet space, I could go on.  But as a whole it makes me happy.  Obviously there are things that I'd like to change, update, and tweak.  But it is comfortable, cozy and reflects me well.  It actually embodies how I, myself feel daily.  Imperfect, but getting more and more used to those imperfections.
In fact, embracing them.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Great anniversary post! -T

Katy said...

Happy birthday to you! Can't wait to see another year of blogging :)

Kathy McCord said...

Lauren, you are just so clever and your apartment is cute as can be. I love to read your blog. Hope to see you soon.

Milk and Honey Home said...

Happy Anniversary. Your apartment is the warm, sunny and comfy. I love it! Julie