Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Luxuries on Saturday

In preparation for the pancake breakfast Saturday, I love party supply stores!
Such cute little Bellini's in a can! 
I'd love to bring these to the party but I might have a little trouble with airport security :(
 Wish I was young enough to pull off these maryjane rainboots.

 This is the new Ralph Lauren store on Madison and 72nd.  It's truly beautiful inside and out.  I am lucky to call one of their talented ladies in Fine Jewelry a friend.  And was given a tour Saturday complete with lots of diamonds and even a big glass of bubbly champagne.  Also, photos aren't typically allowed, helps to know someone on the inside :).
 After the jewelry extravaganza, I toured the upstairs home section.  I could live here.

Spring is almost here!


Katelyn said...

Move over Disney...this looks like the happiest place on Earth!

Val said...

I love it.