Friday, January 28, 2011

Pancake Brunch

Last summer two of my best girlfriends got engaged.  And I must have done something right because I get to be a bridesmaid in both!  The first wedding is April 2nd and the second will be in June.  This means a double dose of bachelorette party craziness in March!  Since I live in NYC and they are in Atlanta, I've had to miss a handful of showers for them both already which I hate.  But luckily, I'll be able to join for both bachelorette parties and I plan to make up for lost wedding shower time by doing a little something special for them each.  For the first, we'll be heading down to sunny Florida and I'll be hosting a Pancake Brunch the 1st morning in our 3 bedroom penthouse on the beach (!!!!) 

Below I found some good ideas for the decor/set-up from here and here.

Really like the vintage syrup dispensers for different flavors.

Wouldn't a crossword about the bride be fun to have at each guest's seat?

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