Monday, October 24, 2011

NYC Trip and more!

A few weeks ago, KTW and I trekked back east for yet another wedding! Lucky for us, it was held in our favorite and former city, NYC. I kept getting asked by friends and family what we were going to do on our trip. It was a hard question to answer because we weren't coming for a show, to go shopping, or to visit the museums. We just wanted to experience a normal New York weekend like we used to, outdoor brunch with friends, "wasting" away hours in central park, going to fun dinners, walking through the charming streets of the West Village. We got to do all of these things, plus attend a gorgeous black tie wedding on one of the prettiest weekends weather-wise I've ever experienced there. Being back in NYC, we noticed how it felt like we were home and going back to SF was more like going back to vacation. It was a strange, bittersweet feeling. But as much as I love NYC and miss my friends, I am so lucky to be exploring a new city with my handsome man. And after this gorgeous Indian Summer weekend in SF, I am starting to miss NYC less and less. There will never be another city like it and I feel almost guilty admitting that I have started to love SF a little too. But I can't deny it, the West coast is amazing! Here are some images from the the NYC weekend as well as this past weekend in SF.

Our first morning, we visited the new section of the High Line.  Below you can see how close it is to these apartment buildings.  I'm sure the apartments are awesome but I wouldn't want to be so close to a tourist attraction.  We could literally see people doing yoga inside their living rooms!
 Bin 71 is one of our all-time favorites.  We had lunch here and I couldn't believe how gorgeous this fig was.  What an interesting fruit!
" I recall...Central Park in fall..."  -name that tune?
 On Saturday, we brunched at Nice Matin and look who came in and sat right next to us!  They were filming so I'm dying to see the next season if we're in the background staring like idiots.
 I'm not a huge fan of the Countess (a little too self-righteous,) but she picked a good dude.  He stopped filming to suggest that this girl untie her dog from the telephone pole close to the street.  I've never had a enough guts to do this, but it kills me everytime I see a dog tied up like that.  Not a good idea dog-owners, they get swiped so fast, and it is also super dangerous for them to be tied close to the road.  I hope a law gets passed about this.  Okay, stepping down from soapbox now...
 I didn't take too many pics at the wedding, too much fun...  But I did capture the table, look at all those glasses!  This was truly a classic New York City wedding, just beautiful!
 Luckily, our flight left at night on Sunday so I had time for one last brunch with my girlfriends at Cafe Cluny.
 Back in SF...this Sunday we scoped out a picnic table down near Chrissy Field and hung out there all day.  We grilled brats, drank beer, played ladder golf, it was a perfect end to the gorgeous weekend.  Below, looking east towards the city.
 And to our left, looking West towards the bridge and Marin.

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