Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Bittersweet Fourth

I'm about to make up for being MIA with some serious blogging.  My plan is to hit you up with two, not one, TWO Hump Day Hues and if possible, hopefully a belated Friday Flowers, ambition is the word today!

But first I thought I might explain my absence.  Obviously we are recovering from a big holiday weekend and I don't have to tell you how hot it was.  According to my mom, that's all they talked about on the Today Show yesterday.  This 4th of July weekend was marked with two incredibly exciting moments, two of my best friends engaged!  Their future husbands couldn't have done a better job and each engagement was so appropriate for each friend.  Emily and Jose were on a trip to Chicago, her favorite city and his first trip ever.  He popped the question in front of the bean and was so smart to get it all captured on film.

Apparently she kept stepping backwards at this point. 
Disbelief, shock, and pure excitement can make you do funny things.
They're getting married!

I'm still anxiously awaiting Katy's pics from the engagement.  Michael proposed Sunday among all of Katy's family and under the stars at their lakehouse.  I can't think of anything more perfect. 
This is Katy and Michael and Dolly, what a cute family.

I spent my 4th of July with KTW and some friends out at Bayonne Golf Club. 
It was a perfect day, I told KTW I felt like the Kennedy's and he should call me Jackie all day, he forgot. 
But seriously, look at this place, gorgeous!
The clubhouse.

The clubhouse looks out over the golf course and across the harbor to the Manhattan skyline.

Blonde Jackie.

We took a ferry from Battery Park to the club.  Once we docked, we took a golf cart up this road to the clubhouse. 

Had trouble with my camera settings on the ferry back to Manhattan.  This is the Statue of Liberty. 
Too many vodka lemonades make for a bad photographer.

And finally, the bitter part of my weekend...
After a long, happy life, my little Jack Russell Terrier, Chandler Bing had to be put down Saturday.  I named him after the Friends character when he was given as a gift for Christmas one year.  Although there were many variations of that name, Chan, Channy, Bing, ChanChanMan, and my personal nickname for him, CheeseburgerChan.  He was the sweetest little boy and I will miss him a lot.  We used to call him dry-clean dog because he never had a spot of dirt anywhere.  He was a little OCD and I believe that if he could've spoken to us, he definitely would've had a British accent, always so proper.  There are many things I could say about him and about the loss of a pet, but I think I'll stop now and just share some pics.

He and my grandmother were pretty tight.


Katelyn said...

Best post yet!

Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

I am so, so sorry about Chandler Bing. What an adorable dog and a hard decision. It's clear he lived a wonderful life.

P.S. The picture of you by the flag - you're soooo pretty!

Sue said...

It's so hard to lose a pet, sorry. Bing looked like a fine fellow.

Julie Holloway said...

so sorry about Chandler Bing. I'll be thinking of ya!

Unknown said...

Lauren, I remember the night you got Chandler. We were at your house for Christmas and Tony had him hid downstairs. Old Granny was there too. He was a tiny puppy and you knew immediately what you would name him...Chandler Bing. I know that you, Suzanne and Tony will miss him greatly. I'm so sorry.

Lauren said...

Such sweet notes about Chandler, thanks for your thoughtfulness!