Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Loss and Love; Amongst the Trees

Today started off with some sad news.  Although I've never met her, it feels wrong not to recognize the untimely death of one of our blogging friends, Marija from Holding Court.  Her husband wrote a lovely and touching post on her blog yesterday talking about his beloved, their two young children and their life together.  Many of the blogs I follow have written about her as well, saying how much they'll miss her thoughtful and creative posts and kind comments. 

In addition, shortly after reading that, the news about George Steinbrenner appeared in my google news, a sad loss for New York and more importantly his close family and friends.

In times of loss, it always makes me feel closer than ever to the ones I love.  In recent years, my friends and family's importance in my life really has been magnified and I value it more and more each day.  I couldn't imagine losing any one of them right now and so I'm reminded today to be thankful for the time I do have with them.  Lucky for me, in the next year, I'll be seeing much more of them.  With two best friends engaged, we have so many upcoming memories to be made and the event planner in me cannot get my mind off their weddings!  Although they each plan to have a traditional indoor Catholic ceremony, which I completely respect, these images of ceremonies under the trees are so natural and refreshing and I kind of wish I could convince them to change their minds :)  (This will never happen btw, these girls are Catholic through and through!)

Aren't they just incredibly touching though?
A reminder of what God has given to us and to cherish and take care of it,
just like the love that the couples share on such a special day.

Wow, what an awesome moment to capture!

This tree is appropriately known as "Crooked Tree," and it is where this couple got engaged.

If your outdoor ceremony gets rained out or if you're a city-dweller or if you just love this look like I do, a projected image can also serve as a sweet reminder of the beautiful, romantic appeal of the outdoors.

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