Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Upper West Side Vacation

This weekend, KTW was asked to watch a friend's dog at his place.  So we took advantage and made a little city vacation out of it, we're clever like that.  Saturday morning, we packed our bags and took the five minute cab ride from the Upper East Side to the Upper West.  Quickest "trip"  I've ever taken.  It was great to experience a different part of town as if we lived there for a couple of days.  There were many things I realized I prefer to the UES, shopping at Fairway for one, incredibly large selection and cheap too!  Saturday night we made steak kebabs, wild rice, corn, and even had a lemon pound cake with berries for dessert, all for $25.00!  Here are some pics from the weekend.

Primo the Weimaraner, I swear his eyes don't glare neon green in real life. 
He was so sweet and got compliments every time we walked him.

The Scene

KTW= Grillmaster

The finished product.  We had the exact meal Sunday night except with chicken,
we had to take advantage of acess to a grill! 
And yes, that's two pats of butter on my corn and yes, I'm aware that it's still swimsuit season...


Julie Holloway said...

resort life in the city! love it. have to have butter on corn. Think it's a law.

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

Looks like a fun time! I want one of those dogs!!