Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mrs. Dooley

For the second night of Katy's bachelorette, we went to Cantina for dinner and tried to continue the Mexican theme with a bridal sombrero.  She was a trooper and wore it for at least 75% of the night.  An Atlanta friend found the sombrero at a party store so I didn't have to wear it on the plane from NYC.  And I brought down some things to decorate it with.  I made the sign below by using some scraps of construction paper I had lying around and a small piece of cardboard to back it.  We also affixed Ring Pops for the bride to give away throughout the night to whoever she thought deserved one.

Making the sign: I wrote out what I wanted the sign to say and then taped a ton of cut up orange and yellow pieces of construction paper to the back.
 Sorry, couldn't get this picture to rotate, the sign says "Soon to be...Mrs. Dooley."
 Emily modeled the hat for us before giving it to the bride. 
Here it is from the side with the Ring Pops around the edges.
 And from the back.  We attached a veil as well.
 And finally, the happy bachelorette!
 *Perhaps I should note that unfortunately the sombrero did not find it's way home that night. 
But we will certainly remember it fondly :)

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amy b.s. said...

fun! we do something similar to this with a trucker's hat and it's made it through 3 weddings so far. great tradition.