Monday, March 14, 2011

Pancake Party Results

I've had a hard time justifying writing a post that's purely party-focused considering all the turmoil and despair that we've all now seen occurring in Japan.  Something just didn't seem right about it, sharing with you a small personal triumph when so many others are hurting.  But alas, I know my readers come here not to be further saddened, but to check out exactly what are "A Few of My Favorite Things."  So anyway, I hope we all do what we can to find a way to support those that have been affected by the earthquake and tsunamis,  The Red Cross has really easy ways to help if you're interested.

Now, the pancake party!  This was a little difficult to pull off.  Hosting a pancake breakfast for nine girls in a space I've never seen, in a kitchen I didn't know would be equipped or not, etc.  It was a challenge I was ready for.  I did as much prep as I could before flying down to Florida.  I painted smooth rocks silver and wrote our menu on them as a nod to Emily's engagement site, the Chicago bean sculpture.  I bought small blue starfish and assembled blue and turquoise streamers in keeping with the fact that we were at the beach.    I bought silver edged plates and napkins with a pretty blue pattern.  The menu was blueberry pancakes and plain, maple syrup and fresh made blueberry syrup, sliced bananas, crispy bacon, coffee, and mimosas.  And I didn't pull it off all on my own.  Katelyn was a pro bacon cooker and Katy was my bartender.  Here are some pictures from the party.

Mashing the blueberries.

Finished product.  Yummy and the most beautiful purple-y color.

Blueberry Pancakes.

The scene, I would've liked a few more of those streamers to cover the front 
but you work with what ya got.

Streamers up close.

The spread, it was gone fast.

Party-goer Katy dressed for the blue party :)

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In Pursuit of Style said...

I love pancakes - and writing on those rocks is a great idea! Will use for my next party. Love your blog!

In Pursuit of Style