Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trip Recap

We stayed at the Sebasco Resort during our visit to Maine.  What it lacked in air conditioning, the resort made up for with it's charming lodge and cottages and abundantly lush flowers and sprawling lawns.
One of the buildings you can stay in is the lighthouse.  
The top floor is open to all guests and a great spot for coffee in the morning.
We really enjoyed our stay here and were disappointed not to have time to visit
the Fairwinds Spa on the premises!


Emily said...

Love reading about your adventures... I am living vicariously through you:) Hope all is well!

Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

Look at those striped benches! Love the cabana chairs too. What a gorgeous resort! (Was it hot? If so, lack of A/C would have stunk!)

Lauren said...

Hi Emily! Glad you're enjoying the blog, I'm having fun catching up on yours too. You have the sweetest family :)

Kate-luckily Maine gets pretty cool at night so a ceiling fan sufficed. However, forget about blow-drying your hair anytime before 8pm. I went with the beachy wavy look (or tried too!)