Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas: Decorations

My mom continues to simplify her decorations each year.  I'm okay with this, as long as there's a tree. 
This year's tree was...interesting?  See below.

A simple silver star for the wooden bird.

Mom did the table, I did the floral arrangements.  We work well as a team.

Magnolia leaves from the front yard, red tulips, and silver for the mantle. 
Sorry for the washed out pic, they get a lot of light in this room.

Silver balls.

More silver.  Mom even wrapped all of the gifts in silver.  There's a little peek of the tree in this picture too...

The tree.  Well, I guess an LED pre-lit fake-o is still a tree.  I actually grew to like this quirky little guy.  Those are cards stuck into the iron wall hanging.

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