Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas: Food

I have to say, I've become quite good at slapping people's hands away from their food, just so I can get a shot for this blog. Here are some food shots I took over the holidays.

 My Iroquois sandwich from Bread & Company, chicken salad spread on cranberry pecan bread.  If you don't have a B&Co. in your town, I feel for you, I really do.

Attempting to make Pioneer Woman's Orange Rolls (using her cinnamon roll recipe.)  These did not turn out so great unfortunately.  I think she may have left out a step or two in the recipe...
I swear it wasn't my fault.
 Marmalade on dough, at least it looked pretty.
 Icing for the rolls.  Trying to catch an action shot of the drip.

Rolling some dough.  Before going out at night, my mom told me I needed "a little color."  Meaning, blush or lipstick, or a week in Mexico.  Therefore, I've tried to spare you my paleness by turning this photo black and white, didn't help much, put your shades on please.

Christmas Eve dinner was short ribs, here is some bacon pancetta seasoning the pot. 
 Here, we've removed the pancetta, dusted the short ribs in salt and pepper and flour. 
They are about to get brown in the pot and the kitchen is about to smell amazing.

 These creatures wandered into the kitchen and did their best to trip me up
while holding the plate of cooked short ribs.

Don't you dare scrape that pot! Throw in your onions, carrots, and wine now.  Then put the short ribs back in, cover with a lid, and put into the oven for about 2 hours.

Results = fall off the bone tender super yummy rich salty short ribs.

There were just a few more steps involved in each of these recipes, please do yourself a favor and check here for them before attempting.

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