Monday, December 20, 2010

Scenes from a Saturday

Recently, KTW has made plans to move to Palo Alto for three months for work.  He leaves in January and I cannot wait to get out there and visit him!  Since this past weekend marked one of our last together in NYC for a while, I insisted we do something fun together on Saturday.  Here's what we did:

Big beautiful origami tree at the American Museum of Natural History,
preceeded by the yummiest pumpkin pancakes.

Ran into a few brown bears there...suprisingly docile...

Came across these big guys...

As I proclaimed aloud "I want one of these for my apartment,"
KTW slowly sneaked away from me confused and bewildered....

For dinner, we tried Fish Tag, a new spot on the UWS. 
Apologies for the picture quality, the cooler the place,
the more embarassed I am to take pictures with flash.
 Individual glass water bottles to pour yourself, great decor in this place.
 Bulgur salads on pedastals? Okay why not?
Things I failed to get a picture of at dinner:
1) Our bottle of wine described to have notes of "new shoes."
2) My tasty salmon.
3) His decadent sheeps milk dumplings.
4) Our dark chocolate ice cream, the richest, creamiest awesomeness.

 We finished off the night with Tron 3D. 
Word to the wise, save your $$$ for more dark chocolate ice cream at Fish Tag.  No bueno.

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