Friday, December 10, 2010

"Hey bartender!"

A few years ago, a guy I dated (who shall remain nameless) hosted a holiday party for friends and colleagues in his small one bedroom Union Square apartment.  On the top of his list was to hire a bartender and have some form of entertainment.  Apparently he had been hosting this party for years and wanted to step it up a notch.  He found a bartender off craigslist and I used my event planning Rolodex to find a fortune teller, both were a huge hit.

This article in the New York Times suggests the trend of hiring someone to sling drinks in your tiny 400 square foot space is growing.  People find it adds a touch of class and sophistication.  Although I very much agree with the idea, I must warn you, the pretentious attitude from people they interviewed made me slightly nauseous.  Regardless, if you're able to hire someone to handle the drinks, (this person can also hang coats and help you clean up at the end of the night,) you might be able to enjoy your event more like a guest might, rather than a stressed out host.  And if you can get Tom Cruise....

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