Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sinks with Skirts

I've always really liked the look of pedestal sinks with a skirt.  However, I've only recently been afforded the opportunity to try it.  My current studio is lovely, however the bathroom is...not.  There's little to no storage and the pipes are as exposed as they can get.  Since I rent, there's not much I can do about this eyesore.  But a skirted sink would do just fine for the moment.  Below are a few of my favorites to work from.  And above is a sketch I did to get started.  Any you like?

And someday, when I make my millions :), I won't have skirt sinks to worry about and this is will be the bathroom I'll enjoy...have I ever mentioned I'm a bit of a dreamer??

Images courtesy of Ballard Designs, Velvet and Linen, and Eddie Ross.


My Notting Hill said...

Love your sketch! So charming. Have you picked one yet?

Ryder Sloan Events said...

Thank you! They are fun to draw. I found a pre-made sink skirt from Bed Bath and Beyond. Since it's just a plain white, I plan to add pom poms in a sage green to go with the other decor in the bathroom. I promise to post a picture when I finish-it's on my loooooong list of things to-do! Thanks again for your comment, I just love your site :)