Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A tad uninspired...

...that's what I am today.  Apologies for not writing in a few days but I just haven't had it in me.  I blame it on the cold weather.  Each year around this time, I get a little down in the dumps.  Not that I haven't enjoyed 2010 so far, New Year's was a blast, followed by a short spontaneous trip out to Montauk, ice skating in Central Park, lots of football, and some fun birthday dinners for friends.  Maybe this post will get me going with the writing again.

Another blog I follow features a yearly travel log of all of the writer's trips.  And although my 2009 trips were certainly not as exotic and exciting, I thought it might be fun to do the same.  So for my first post this week, I'm copying someone else.  There, I said it.  Can't be original today.

My 2009 trips included and not in this order:

Alys Beach, FL
Bantam, CT
Boston, MA
Carillon Beach, FL
Coney Island, NY (haha)
Grayton, FL
Greenwich, CT
Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Nashville, TN
Philadelphia, PA
Rosemary Beach, FL
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Seaside, FL

Who knows what places will end up on 2010's list!  Maybe here?!  How's that for inspiration :)

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