Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quilted Pretty Things

This week I did some much needed spring cleaning.  Floors were mopped, old magazines sorted through, windows wiped.  I had been putting it off like most of us do but felt ten times better when it was all finished.  I also made a few small changes around the apartment.  The organic Pottery Barn coverlet that I've been snuggling with through the cold months came off to be replaced by one of my mother's quilts.  It's not an overly stuffed one so it's perfect for the summer months.  She has quilted for as long as I can remember and does beautiful work.  Here are some other images I've found that showcase some gorgeous quilts (and cool rooms and ideas too.)

I would like to wake up and have breakfast here every morning, wouldn't you?

Very Jonathan Adler-esque with all of the white and bold punch of color.

Quilts thrown over hay bales make for cozy seating at a farm wedding.

Makes a lovely and soft tablecloth.

So so sweet.

Winona Ryder finds her Wedding Quilt in "How to Make an American Quilt,"  one of my favorite movies.

Perfectly quirky and fun.  Imagine all of the creative thoughts and ideas that happen in this child's room.  And those windows, OMG!

This framed quilt is truly a work of art.

A couple's engagement session turns vintage.

:) I want to be here.

Or here, seriously great for napping.

You can get away with lots of color in a mostly white room.

A welcoming attic space.  FYI, my attics never looked like this growing up!

Some brave soul put together this wallpaper/quilt room and pulled it off perfectly!

A quilted chuppah, so romantic.

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