Friday, March 19, 2010

Wave Goodbye to Winter

How pretty is it in NYC today??!!  I was so excited I wore a skirt with no tights (I know, so bold of me.)

Since I typically don't blog on the weekends and tomorrow is officially the first day of spring, today seems like a good day for na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye!!! To winter that is, peace out snowy season.  (Again, I will forever apologize for my failed attempts at humor before noon.)

I love cherry blossoms.  There are so many in TN and around my old highschool campus.  To see a row of them like the picture above is so sweet, like cotton candy.

This azalea trail is so enchanting.  They bloom year round in lower Alabama where I went to college and also where my mother's family is from.  They have such a bright, cheery disposition and carry lots of memories of my days at Auburn, as well as my many visits to Mobile to see my grandmother, Momo.  Azaleas make me think of Momo mostly.

And of course, hydrangeas.  Couldn't leave my favorite flower out of the mix.  The first time I went out to the Hamptons and saw them at EVERY adorable gray shingled house, I thought this must be what heaven is like.  I love them in each color but the blueish-purple will always be a fave.  Hydrangea, you can do no wrong. 

Happy Friday!

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