Thursday, October 28, 2010

A TreeHouse Grows in...the Village

One of the things most of my visitors ask when they come to stay with me in the city is, "how do people have kids here??"  I admit, when I first moved, I was equally shocked that families are actually able to sustain a "normal" life in NYC.  With more concrete than grass and a metrocard instead of car keys, the city does not appear "kid-friendly" to most.  However, over the past four years, I've come to understand what an amazing place this would be to have a family, so much to do, so much culture, etc.  Artist Melinda Hackett who lives and creates in Greenwich Village clearly felt the same way.  And even built something for her kids that I never had growing up in "kid-friendly" Nashville, an awesome tree house!  Read more.

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Chelsea Gwynne said...

I just saw a news piece on this! too cool!