Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Egg in the Hole

Tonight is the perfect night for breakfast for dinner, see below....

Pioneer Woman's recipe for Egg in the Hole makes me happy and hungry

It tastes even better if you have a signed copy.  Okay, not really, now I'm just bragging...

Red wine-this will help you relax a little about the calories you're about to consume.
 See...a couple of tbsps of butter...trust me, pour yourself another sip of that wine and you won't notice.

Cut holes in your bread and soak in the butter for a minute.

Since I used whole wheat lite bread which has thinner slices, the egg overflowed.  This is not necessarily a problem.  But I might try it with thick slices of sourdough or french next time to contain the egg a little better.  Also, if you're not a good egg cracker, i.e always end up fishing out the shell, crack each egg first in a separate bowl and then pour each into the hole in the bread.  Oh, and salt and pepper like there's no tomorrow.

Flip it yo!

Before I took them out of the skillet, I was extra bad and laid a slice of American cheese on top...
bad but oh so good...

 Ketchup was also added at some point.  Good decision.

Gonna do this again very soon, I encourage you to also!  Only 5 ingredients :)

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