Monday, October 11, 2010

Tipsy Parson

Saturday afternoon we tried Tipsy Parson, a cute little restaurant in Chelsea I've been anxious to go to ever since I heard about their fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, glazed pork ribs with sorghum-mustard glaze, the list goes on...

Charmingly lumpy pumpkins (or are they gourds?) on the bar.

If you were in New York, you know what a beautiful fall weekend we had.  Time spent indoors felt like punishment.  Except for the hour we spent at Tipsy Parson devouring the treats below! Check it out if you're in their hood.

Fried green tomato with bibb lettuce and spicy buttermilk dressing and pancetta

Pulled pork sandwich with fried egg and potato chips

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Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

good grief that looks tasty! but i'm a sucker for a fried egg on a hamburger.

I saw your comment on Aspiring Kennedy's blog and had to come daughter's name is Sloan (named for my grandmother, who's maiden name was Sloan), and we lived in Nashville for 10 years! Can't wait to check out more of your blog!

xo, cassie