Friday, January 7, 2011

Brooklyn Brine

A few weeks ago, my Uncle Todd and his wife Annie (we've agreed Aunt Annie sounds a little funny because we are pretty close in age,) hosted us for a day after Christmas meal. Their new baby, August was awake to entertain and he is the most precious, round, cuddly baby boy in Nashville. Their home was recently featured in a house tour of trendy East Nashville so it was decorated beautifully and was a great place to spend what was supposed to be my last night in Nashville (blizzard...).  One thing about their house I love is they are NOT afraid of color, every room has a personality, and they don't take themselves too seriously.  That's three things actually, I could go on...

A deer head gets a poinsettia lei.
 Both avid music fans, this lime green listening room has a retro feel with today's best sound.

Who doesn't need a tiki cup collection in their house?
 Bad lighting for the picture but the orange and blue still punch in their master bedroom.
 A very retro chair in a very cool fabric.
 A white tree is perfect in their bright pink living room.

Lookin good fam!

Annie and Todd always give the best gifts. In past years, they've given gift certificates to Bliss Spas in NY and this year, they added to my Le Creuset collection! Although my budget is a little more limited, I wanted to get them something special as well. Annie used to live in NY and Todd is a total foodie so I thought these made the perfect present!

Brooklyn Brine Co. creates some truly tasty snacks. I don't like pickles. But I like these pickles. I also bought them the Lavender Asparagus, not too heavy on the lavender, they're just right! I got a text before I got home that night from my uncle: "send more asparagus!"  I think they were a hit, go buy some.

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paula said...

what a fun home and gorgeous family!