Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Iron Gate

Downtown Franklin, TN is home to many great shops and restaurants.  Whenever I'm home, my mom and I make it a point to do lunch at Merridees and walk down Main St. to browse at things we can't have.  Our favorite spot, without a doubt is The Iron Gate.  Here are a few pictures.

These are big and shiny and hand-painted, lovely.

Dried Magnolia Leaf Wreath in a pretty perfect chair.

Lots of bubbles!

This tree made me think of a movie I just saw...

A French Marriage Globe, really like this idea, what a special tradition.  Read about it on the card below.

Big pale green-blue ceramics=LOVE

Love framed unique objects like these keyholes.
Franklin, TN

Oh, yeah, Naomi was there too and that is some RED hair!

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Unknown said...

I went to church with a friend one time while I was at MTSU and I swear in this gigantic church filled with a ton of people .... you could see her hair. I shouldnt have been able to see Naomi Judd from all the people but she has THE REDDEST hair ... but to remain incognito ... she did wear her sunglasses ... interesting dont ya think? xo