Thursday, January 21, 2010

Early Morning

Typically, I moan and groan and don't get up until the very last second=not a morning person.  However, I didn't have that option today due to an early meeting but when I walked down my apartment steps I realized I didn't care one bit.  The early mornings are something I rarely experience in NYC but when I do, I'm always glad.  Today started cool and crisp with just the right amount of sunshine coming up.  The birds were chirping and the only people out were cute kids running to school buses (something I unfortunately miss during my usual 8:30 commute.)  And now, at only 10:30am, I've already completed most of my to-do list.  Maybe I'll try this more often...give my snooze button a rest.

Image from Amanda Charlotte.


Anonymous said...

Lauren, that is beautiful.
Kathy McCord

Ryder Sloan Events said...

Thanks Kathy! Hope you are well!