Tuesday, February 9, 2010


If you follow this blog regularly, (yes I realize that's a big IF!)  you may have read some posts on how much I love my little bitty studio apartment.  I've certainly done some bragging...however, you will rarely hear me brag about or even mention my kitchen.  That's because it looks a little something like this:

Only enough space for one person, dark, ugly cabinets, ugly floor, about two inches of counter space, you get the picture...

I've been doing a good deal of cooking recently and although I've made the space work, I look forward to the day when I can spread out, have another person join me in the kitchen, or at least use more than one pot at a time!  Here are some kitchens I'd be happy to spend all day in.

First, I'd love to have a checkered floor:

Second, a place for art:

The subway tile is great in this one too. 

And speaking of subway tile, how about the dark grout used in between them in this kitchen?

Although most of these images have lighter cabinets, these darker ones below make a bold statement and work well if you already have plenty of natural light to work with:

The farmhouse sink here is also a must.

And finally, tons and tons of natural light:

                   Cool overhead lights.                                                         Love the blue and white.

Glass cabinets and/or open shelving helps to show off pretty dishes and glassware.

Fantastic windows welcome the sunlight.

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Brabourne Farm said...

I hope one day you get a kitchen as lovely as one of these - think of the cooking you could do! Leigh