Friday, February 26, 2010

Giving Up the Charade.

With a very serious scowl, I trudged through over a foot of snow and slush to get to work this morning.  I was not thrilled.  On the overcrowded, flooded 6 train I started thinking about my blog for today and how the simple idea to post a favorite thing each day has become so difficult in these harsh winter months.  I thought, "I'm a southern chick and not cut out for this stuff!"  Throughout my three and a half years here, I've made a point not to loose my accent, to still say yall and yes ma'am and no sir.  I've tried to remember my southern recipes and for the first two years, only dated boys from below the Mason Dixon line!

Today's commute however made me realize, it's time to give up the charade.  I'm a New Yorker now and I knew it the moment I saw the school closing lists on tv and thought, Wimps!  I don't have to love the snow and tough commutes we have when the weather is nasty, but I can certainly handle it fine.  I'm proud of myself for having learned to adapt and toughen up and that is my favorite thing today.  Here are some images from the commute to work:

I had to sled down my apartment stairs.  This made me want a doorman, now.

My street, okay, okay, it really is beautiful when it first comes down.

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French-Kissed said...

Hi Lauren,

I hope you have been staying warm but also having a bit of fun with all of that snow. I was supposed to be in NYC right now with my older daughter but am headed out instead to Paris to see other daughter. I LOVE the snow but than again do not have to live in it full time. Thanks so much for stopping by FK and for putting it in your side bar. Hope the hot cocoa helped get you thru a snowy weekend. Love you blog and will be checking it regularly. ~jermaine~