Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Great Escape

In just two short days, I'll be on vacation with four of my bestest girlfriends from college.  To say I'm excited is a vast understatement!  Where am I going you might ask.....

(Me, Emily, Mallory, Katy, and Katelyn
Spring Break '06)

We have no idea!  Really!  Well minus Katelyn (far right) who has carefully planned the entire trip for us.  Last October while celebrating Mallory's (center) beautiful wedding at the beach, Katy (second from right) brought up an article that she had found about an annual girls trip.  The idea is that one person gets chosen each year to do the planning.  We each give an agreed upon amount to her and everything must be covered with that amount.  Down to my cab to the airport, drinks, meals, etc., I've paid for it all already so that Thursday, I could essentially leave my purse in NYC.

In these four short years since we graduated from Auburn, we've all done many exciting things.  One of us is married and starting her life with her new husband in Birmingham.  Two have gone on to complete higher degrees.  There have been lots of new additions, but so far just of the canine variety (no babies just yet.)  And I moved to NYC which has created a great place for the still southern located girls to come visit.  In my opinion we've done an amazing job of keeping in touch and I still consider these ladies my closest and best friends.  It's nice to know that can be maintained despite the distance.

(also Spring Break '06)

So, back to the trip...I'm flying to Atlanta Thursday morning to meet with the others and that's when we'll discover our final destination.  There have been many guesses but ultimately I don't think any of us has a clue!  Packing should be interesting...and I have a feeling many more traditions will be born on this trip!

Check back on Monday to find out where we went!!!

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Chelsea Gwynne said...

such a great photo! The lily dress is beautiful!