Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Sweet!

I've been seeing lots of these tables at weddings and special events devoted exclusively to sweets.  It's a great idea for your guests who don't like cake and/or for the bride/host with a sweet tooth.  They're also just really pretty to look at with all of the coordinating colors in different shapes and sizes.

Apparently Amy Atlas is the one to go to for this trend.

Image by Josh Goleman.

Image by Lauren Crew.

Saved my favorite for last.

Are you hungry yet???


Erica Cook said...

Gorgeous images....must go buy cupcakes now!!! xo erica

Chelsea Gwynne said...

Those tables are great! A wonderful idea. My sister did a candy bar at her wedding along with the cake. The candy jars make for excellent terrariums when youre done! :)

suzanne said...

I love these pix. The all white theme is so special.

Unknown said...

YES! Bookmarking this for a friend who is planning a big party!

deliciously organized said...

yes, I am! everything looks delicious!