Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Flowers (3)

In an effort to keep up my Friday floral post, and because I'll be travelling most of tomorrow, and also because I didn't think you'd mind, I'm going to talk about using Lavender at special events today.  I also have a few drafts saved for while I'm away and I'm hoping a certain someone will allow me to briefly use his Mac to post them while simultaneously drinking my 8th margarita...okay that was a slight exaggeration...

Anyway, we're talking about flowers here not limey-tequila-salty goodness.  Lavender is such a versatile flower.  The natural scent is heavenly and the purple flowers make for a great rustic decor.  They are also edible so cakes can be decorated, drinks garnished, etc.  Here are some images I found that made great use of lavender at their events.

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Food and Drink
Lavender lends a slight floral taste to champagne and sprigs tucked into napkins serve as placecard holders.
A lavender infused iced tea is a great alternative to serving standard iced tea.
Lavender dresses up a strawberry shortcake.
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Bundled together this way, they can stand on their own.
The lengthy sprigs of lavender below give height to this table setting.
Planted in wooden planters gives this table a garden feel.
Pair it with other purples and creams for a romantic and lush earthy look.
Deep greens, yellows, and reds give the lavender sprigs some depth.
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Paper and Favors
Hosting your event at a lavender farm makes it easy to draw inspiration.
Throw dried lavender instead.
Lavender decorates a hairpin and cards with lavender seed packets are given to guests as they depart.
More lavender filled sachets for your guests.
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paula said...

Love this. We just shot a wedding that threw lavender. Smelt wonderful.