Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Flowers (4)

Me: "Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm a delinquent blogger."

All together: "Hi Lauren"

Yes, it's true, once again I have failed as a blogger, I'm so lucky to have such forgiving readers :)  Thanks for sticking with me!

My trip to Isla Mujeres was nothing short of amazing.  We had gorgeous, hot weather, enjoyed yummy meals, spent time with some of my favorite locals, and relaxed, relaxed, relaxed (see below.)

Yes, those are my odd skeletal looking toes, who wants to know?

Unfortunately, missing two days of work threw me off a bit and I have had very little time to post throughout the week, much less assemble my favorite Friday Flowers post.  But I didn't want to end the week without saying hello and sharing just a few images for this week's regularly scheduled post.

Forsythia is a great option for spring and summer events.  The bright sprigs of yellow reach way out and they are a lovely way to fill the room.  Here are some neat ways to use this long and lovely flower.

Great notepads to fill a goodie bag from a forsythia filled fete.  Quick! Say that five times as fast as you can!

Flexible forsythia. 
Hang these from the entrance doors.  Set on tables and fill the center with candles of varying heights, lots of possibilities.

I love this look.  Fresh and modern and so simple to re-create.

Sorry, that's it folks.  I'll be so much more interesting next week, I promise!

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