Monday, November 8, 2010

Lonely No More

Back in February I bought this pair of heavily discounted sequined shorts from Calypso.

They've been hanging in my closet ever since.  I thought surely over the summer, I'd have some fabulous party to attend and I could pair them with heels and a black silky top.  That didn't happen and they've been waiting patiently to come out and play.  I absolutely hate seeing things in my closet that have never been worn.  So, dear sparkly shorts, your time has come!  This weekend, no matter what, I plan to wear you the following way:

Even if it's just to the grocery store...the shorts are coming out!

1 comment:

lisaroy said...

good for you! I have too many things in my closet that still have tags! love your illustration and I love the shorts with textured tights :)