Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Signing Off!

I know this is technically a picture from a Christmas meal but I can't wait to start my
marathon of Christmas Vacation watching from now until New Years.

So I guess this is the post to say what I'm thankful for.  I couldn't be more happy to do it.  Here's the list, in no particular order.
  1. My health.  After a scary bout with pneumonia in September, 5 days in the hospital, and lots of blueberry yogurt, I realized how much I have taken this for granted.
  2. Family.  I'm lucky to have a great relationship with mine that changes, grows and improves as I get older.
  3. Friends.  Two of my best friends got engaged this year.  It's so wonderful to be a part of this special time in their lives.
  4. KTW.  He loves me despite my faults and the feeling is mutual.  Oh, and he's super handsome too :)
  5. Blogging.  What a great escape and release of creative energy!  Those of you that keep coming back I'm particularly thankful for too.
  6. Turkey.  Duh.
  7. My fish Squirrel who got a new tank of fresh water last night and is swimming ever so fast today.
Thanks again for all those who follow this blog!  I was asked to prepare the Thanksgiving table this year and have been working on a few crafty details this week to use.  I look forward to sharing some pics when I get back in town next week.  Until then, hope you don't run into this guy over the holidays....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have wonderful time with your family!
I am grateful for the many great ideas that have come my way through your blog.
Happy Thanksgiving!