Monday, November 15, 2010

Scenes From a Sunday

UWS Apple Store, could easily spend way too much time (and money) here.

 Mario Battali's new Eataly, fascinating if you have the time and patience
to navigate the space with 500 other foodies.
I always want to set these guys free...

Cheeses, my favorite!
Desserts, also my favorite.
 The biggest espresso machine I've ever seen.  And prettiest too.  Sorry for the bad photo.


Gramercy Park One-my dream address.
 Love the unexpected yellow trim.

Friend of a Farmer for brunch, can't wait to go back.
 We sat at the bar so we could bypass the long line.  So many things to point out here, hanging baskets of fresh muffins and scones, lanterns, french press coffee, breakfast served in individual cast iron skillets, etc.
 This would be a great spot for dinner with a few friends on a cold night.
 Spectacular bloody mary.
 KTW's "Boomer Special."  Poor guy, he's not allowed to eat until I get pictures.
 My chicken artichoke sandwich, not very photogenic but super yummy,
especially on their homemade honey whole wheat bread.
Central Park in Fall, doesn't get much better.

Me in the park, my grandmother would tell me to quit slouching!

 Spiderman in the park, not sure what my grandmother would say about this...
 Bethesda Terrace
 Sheep's Meadow, courtesy of KTW's mad photo skillz.

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