Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Namesake

A few months ago when I started this blog, I had no idea it would become such an integral part of my day.  I actually miss blogging on the weekends and feel guilty the days I don't post-am I the only that's like that?  I suspect no :)

Anyway, now that I've surpassed my 100th post (woo hoo!), I think it's time to finally give proper credit to the name of my blog.  I know I'm not the only one who blogs about her favorite things, but the title felt right for me.  When I began writing the blog, the purpose was to get a little creative energy out and slowly (a little too slowly admittedly,) bring my focus back to special events.  I have been so humbled and excited over the positive feedback and sweet comments my readers have left.  And although I'm no longer posting one thing a day that makes me happy, the blogging process has morphed into something much more natural and I love it!  Below I've taken the song that inspired my blog title and matched it with images of the like.  But first a little Julie Andrews, isn't she lovely?  I've always wished I could rock that haircut...

"Raindrops on roses"
-I've never been a huge fan of roses, they're a little too classic, expected, perfect, etc.  But drizzled with rain they take on a new meaning.  Such a beautiful sight.

"and whiskers on kittens"
-Okay, I cheated a little here.  I'm not a big cat person, whiskers on puppies are just as cute!

"Bright copper kettles"
-This image is from one of my favorite bloggers.  I love the look of copper.  The pots make me feel warm and cozy and I feel like it's not possible to make a bad meal with them.  Didn't Julia Child have copper?
"and warm woolen mittens"
-These Kate Spade mittens make hailing a taxi chic, perfect for NYC.

"Brown paper packages tied up with strings"
-I always wanted a Christmas tree crowded with presents all wrapped in the same theme.  Brown Kraft paper and fun ribbons would be a cheap way to do this.

"These are a few of my favorite things
Cream colored ponies"
-The Pioneer Woman was one of the first blogs I started reading.  She shares phenomenal recipes and daily accounts of her life on a cattle farm.  She's also an amazing photographer.

"and crisp apple streudels"

-Moving to NYC was a big step for me.  Three years later, moving into my own studio apartment felt almost as big.  I love living alone, making my own schedule, taking out the trash when I want to, etc.  I especially love having my own buzzer (still haven't changed the last name from Wong but I will asap!)  You should know I moved in last June and have been saying that ever since.  Just call me Lauren Wong and let's move on...

"and sleigh bells"
-"At one time, most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed, it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I've grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe."
-Go rent Polar Express today and don't be ashamed to tear up a little, I'm not.

"and schnitzel with noodles"
-Growing up, before most Vandy basketball games, we'd either go to the Cooker or Tin Angel to eat.  My favorite was Tin Angel because of the chicken schnitzel.  Unfortunately one day that all changed when my dad told me the reason they call it schnitzel is because the chickens make this high pitched squeal that sounds like schnitzeeeelllll! when they are killed.  Nice dad.  I know better now.

"Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings"
-Long before she was Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Paquin was in a movie called Fly Away Home.  I think I'm the only person who's ever seen it.  Anyway, after the death of her mother, she goes to live with her dad and starts taking care of a flock of geese.  Long story short, here's a picture of some geese:

"These are a few of my favorite things
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes"
-My ultimate dream is to be a wedding planner.  I fell in love with Franc's character in Father of the Bride and eventually also fell in love with all things wedding.  Blue and white is also a favorite combo of mine.

"Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes"
-When snow falls on this Southern girl, I turn into a five year old, I LOVE playing in the snow.  At least until March, when I curse it, like a 25 year old.
-Again, I'm not demonic, my Blackberry does crazy things to eyes...

"Silver white winters that melt into springs"
-The first few hints of spring are among my favorite times of year.  It makes me feel new and like I have a fresh slate to start with.

"These are a few of my favorite things
When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad"

Thank you for reading my blog, here's to another 100 posts!!!


suzanne said...

wish we could clink a glass of Sofia to celebrate!

Katy S said...

Awww I love this-congrats buddy!

Erica Cook said...

fabulous and beautiful! your blog has become one of my favorite things! xoxo Erica

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have done a great job! This has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs and I have always wanted to teach my French students this very special piece. I think I'll use your blog to illustrate the song. Thanks. It was very inspirational. Fabien from France.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel