Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'd Like to File a Complaint

Allergies have officially taken over.  My contacts are driving me nuts and have been for weeks.  So I dragged myself to the eye doctor today so he could have a look.  Diagnosis: Allergies.  Um, yea, I know!

He gave me a prescription for some eye drops that I apply once in the morning and wait 15 minutes before putting my contacts in, and then once again before bed.  Oh, and I can't miss a single drop for two weeks or they don't work, awesome.

So I fill the prescription and pick it up at 6pm and this is what I get:

$40.00 later, this teeny tiny bottle better cure my ailment.  Have I become cheap or do you also see this as a tad ridiculous?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  And apologies for complaining, I swear, it's not my nature but this really got me going this afternoon!

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