Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Room....

....Must be mine!  There are a million little things I like about it and the feeling it evokes.
  1. D. Porthault Linens, they will be a must when I'm rich and famous, the little pink hearts are the sweetest.
  2. The GingerLily duvet, fluffy and luxurious, not mountainous-ly puffy like most down-filled duvets.
  3. The ginormous, uncovered window.  When you live a few floors up in an adorable brownstone in the West Village, (note: I do not.) it's ok, to keep your windows open, so much easier to yell down to the delivery man that the buzzer is broken. (note: My buzzer is broken, very broken, sounds like a stuttering fire engine.)
  4. The wallpaper.  Yes, I love wallpaper, can we still be friends?
  5. Her Macbook is bigger than mine.
  6. There's not much better than waking up to french pressed coffee, orange juice, and pastries in bed.  (Okay, maybe if Matthew McConaughey was there too...)
  7. Stacks and stacks of books.
  8. Fresh flowers on the nightstand.
  9. Tartan throw at the end of the bed.
  10. Ultimately I like this room so much because it is intensly cozy, as a bedroom should be.  And, it shows that people can really do so much more than sleep in their beds.  I'm definitely a "bed person."  I could literally live in my bed, especially if it was this one :)

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