Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Flowers (9)

I've had so much fun searching for today's installment of images for Friday Flowers.  The sunflower's color is so bright and cheery.  At the same time, the dark centers will add great depth to your arrangements, making it easy to use just a few and still have an impact.  Let me know what you think!

Potted sunflowers lend a welcoming homemade feeling to your event.

A bright arrangement shows guests where to take their seats.

Bright yellow, earthy green, and terra cotta look great washed in both natural light and candlelight.

I can picture the girls decorating their hair with this placecard holder by the end of the night.

This found inspiration board shows how versatile the flower can be.

Like dining in a sunflower field...with really nice lighting and banquettes.

But why eat indoors when you could actually do the real thing?

What a nice setting, better put blankets on those hay bales though!

The sunflower makes a contemporary debut.


Looks like a great party to wear your cowboy boots to!

Not sure what the sign is all about but I love it just the same.  Maybe grandma was busy that day?

Do I spy green sunflowers?!

So fun and summery, to me this is obviously an August wedding.

They do look tasty don't they?

Oh my!  Look at all of that buttercream!

I love the single silk sunflower, very elegant here.


Julie Holloway said...

love this...sunflowers evoke so many memories for me. Fun post....have a great weekend. By the way...I feel so old..who are "The National?"

Unknown said...

So fun! I had Sunflowers at my own em!

Lauren said...

Hi Julie, I hadn't listened to them before either, no worries! They are a Brooklyn-based Indie band (aren't they all?!) I liked them but a little bass-heavy, check them out though if you like that kind of stuff.