Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last weekend I took an impromptu trip down to Nashville.  Here are some images from my visit home. 
I was there for less than 48 hours (not enough) and we crammed in A LOT!

Nashville's beverage of choice.  Fruit Tea, you won't understand until you have one.

The first time I met my baby cousin Gus.  
He's only 4 months old and already such a big boy and so well behaved.

Saturday afternoon my mom and I went to the Dale Chihuly exhibit at Cheekwood.  It was awesome!  This tower of blown glass is lit up at night.  We thought this tree made a great frame.

The bamboo path to the Japanese Zen Garden had glass chutes of fiery red.  They really took the form of the bamboo and somehow seemed like they naturally belonged there.

This boat was so freaking cool!  The glass shapes reflecting off the water were so beautiful.

The reflecting pool had lots to look at; long purple glass sculptures reached upwards at each end with curls of yellow below.  The lizard-like ribbons in the center were so neat.

Towards the end of the exhibit, this lilypad pond had blue spiky glass sculptures 
which cast pretty blue streaks on the water and lilypads.

Green, purple, and pink roses I brought to my mom.  They were so big and smelled great.

I've made this cake many times and it never disappoints :)  My mom and I enjoyed it with my step-sister and her daughter after dinner Saturday night.

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Emilee said...

it looks yummy! will you share the recipe?