Monday, June 21, 2010


This Saturday KTW and I took the ferry over to Governor's Island for the 4th Annual NYC Brewfest.  It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun tasting beers from the more than 100 breweries that participated.  Here are some shots I took from the day.
The line waiting to get in = people like beer.

Tents lined the outer edge of a large field where the bands played.  The buildings on Governor's Island and general feel is that of a college campus.  Reminded me of tailgating at Auburn.

Food is always first on my list so we started with burgers and attempted to make a strategic plan with the map.  We agreed the best plan was to drink beer, lots of beer.

Clearly a veteran.  We saw a few people with pretzel necklaces and wished we had them too!

I think this group was doing a cheer for beer.  They all promptly fell on top of one another after this photo.

KTW rocking the bracelet.

Even while drinking beer, I need more pictures of hydrangeas.

Just one of the many beautiful buildings on the island.

Looking to NYC.

Ferry ride home, see you next year Brewfest!

Below is our ranking sheet from the day in case you're interested.  My scores are first, his 2nd.

South Hampton pils 4, 3

Victory hop devil 2, 2
Greenpoint harbor ale 5, 4
Greenpoint harbor ipa 3, 4
Ommegang witte 4, 3
Hennepin farmhouse saison 4, 5
Duvel green 5, 3
Duvel golden 2, 4
Butternuts IPA 1, 2
Long Ireland celtic ale 2, 3
Long Ireland pale ale 3, 3
Brooklyn Brew Shop Lavendar 2, 3
Brooklyn Brew Shop Rose 3, 2
Stanford Lough st patricks best ale 5, 4
Stanford Lough legbiter ale 5, 3
Peekskill brewery rosemary's baby ale 4, 5
Peekskill brewery vanilla stout 3,3
Franziskaner Dunkel *, 5
Franziskaner Weiss 4, 4
Otter's summer ale 4, 3
Otter's copper ale 4, 4
Innis & gunn (aged in oak barrels) 3, 3
Kelso nut brown ale 2, 4
Kelso pilsner 2, 3
Great divide wood aged double IPA 4, 5
Great divide Titan IPA 4, 4
Stoudt's pils 4, 4
Stoudt's hefe weissen 5, 5

* KTW drank it all w/o sharing.

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Melkorka said...

That looks like such a fun time! I've been to Governor's Island once for an art installation and I found it so pretty and peaceful (although after seeing the art I think i would have preferred a brew fest ;) .