Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am absolutely, totally, and completely convinced...

...that this is my new favorite restaurant!

Now, first, I must admit, I have not dined, walked into, had a drink at, or even seen this restaurant.  But one look at these images and menu and I was SOLD!

Last fall KTW took me to his alma mater BC, for a football game and to see Boston.  While there we saw beautiful Boston College, I ate my first bowl of clam chowder from Union Oyster House, stayed at a fantastic hotel, and I even got to visit with an old high school friend who lives there now.  One thing on my list that we unfortunately did not have time for was Cambridge.  Which is fine by me, just means another trip to Boston right?!

Anyway, while looking through one of my favorite event blogs a few months back, I found a wedding reception at Upstairs on the Square, located in Harvard Square.  It blew me away, rooms awash in bright pink and gold.  High ceilings, mirrors everywhere, glam glam glam.  And then, I lost the link, aren't bloggers supposed to keep better track?  Well it seems the blogging gods are in my corner today because I found the post again and this time I wasn't going to lose it!  Here are some images to share what I've been drooling over for the past hour.  Won't you meet me and the zebra there for a cocktail this fall?

This is what I assume it looks like right now.  The outside is cute and charming but wait until we go inside...
One more shot of the outside, I'm guessing it does not look like this right now.
A custom menu for a special night.
Oh my, this room is called a colorful jewel box-like supper club on their website. 
I want to drink champagne and eat dessert there asap!
The zebra room, I'm sure you can guess why.
Lavender suede banquettes...I know...
Ready for a memorable night.
And if that's not enough to convince you, stop by Lisa Rigby's site
She's the photographer for the reception shots and you can see more here and here
She really does a great job of capturing this venue's character and the happiness of these parties.


Megan said...

Lauren - Upstairs on the Square is WONDERFUL! You definitely need to check it out the next time you're in Boston. The food is great, but even if it weren't, it's worth it for the atmosphere. I've met others who have had weddings/bachelorette luncheons/receptions there - it would be a perfect spot.

- Megan

PS - I love your blog! Hope all is well!

Lauren said...

I just knew I was right about this place, thanks Megan! Let's grab a drink there the next time I'm in town.

And thanks for following the blog, it has been so fun to create, glad you enjoy it!

Melissa Blake said...

Looks so awesome! xoxo