Tuesday, June 1, 2010


For Memorial Day weekend, we took the train out to Montauk for a few days.  We had perfect weather, great food and drinks, and loved just about everything this surfer village had to offer.

 Our first night, we ate lobster tacos at The Gig Shack and it took all of our effort to not order four more plates. They were so light and tasty. The live band made it a perfect summer night. Because of the band's proximity to the sidewalk, passersby could stop and dance a little or sit down on the picnic tables and benches to enjoy. For dessert, we were told the red velvet cake was a must. Isn't all red velvet cake a must? So we did. And we were happy, very very happy.

Joni's was another fave that we would have eaten at probably five more times if the line wasn't always so long. Breakfast here is a madhouse but worth the wait and there were so many yummy looking items on the lunch menu too, next time...

As you can see, outdoor seating is a must in Montauk.

Looking towards Ditch Plains

Cocktails at the Surf Lodge for sunset.

Flags at half mast for Memorial Day at the Montauk Yacht Club.


Katelyn said...

Looks like the perfect weekend!

amster21@aol.com said...

Where is the best place to stay?

Ryder Sloan Events said...

Hi @amster21@aol.com! We loved The Surf Lodge but it's been a few years since I've gone. I've also heard that the Sole's East Resort, Ruschmeyer's, and the Montauk Yacht Club are fantastic.